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Project Jansma & Van Lanen 2015: The dendrochronology of Dorestad. In: Willemsen & Kik (eds.), 2015: Golden Middle Ages in Europe, Brepold Publishers, Turnhout.
ID: P:2015503 (domain:
Lab(s): Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
Investigator: E. Jansma
Type(s): herkomstbepaling, herkomst bepaling
Category: archeologie

Project Van Lanen, Jansma, Van Doesburg & Groenewoudt 2016: Roman and early-medieval long-distance transport routes in northwestern Europe, Journal of Achaeological Science 73, 120-137
ID: P:2016503 (domain:
Lab(s): Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, The Netherlands
Investigator: E. Jansma
Type(s): datering, dating
Category: archeologie, archaeology