Q. Am I allowed to copy or download information from the DCCD and use this in e.g. publications or for educational purposes?

A. The DCCD is an international repository with many data contributors who have different rules regarding the use of their materials. If you wish to use information stored in other levels than the Project and Object levels of the files for specific goals (i.e. research resulting in a publication etc), please first consult the organisation who produced the data.

Q. How can I use the DCCD repository?

A. Please see the DCCD repository manual. Use the previous link to open the manual (pdf), save the manual to your PC or network, and use it to learn how to operate the DCCD repository.

Q. What is the background of the DCCD project?

A. You can find background information on the DCCD project website.

Q. Where can I find the DCCD data repository?

A. At https://dendro.dans.knaw.nl.

Q. I want to query the DCCD. Which search terms can I use?

A. Please see the DCCD manual. To use the DCCD search functionality to your full advantage, you need to be registered as a DCCD member and to be logged in. You can use query terms in Dutch, English, French or German. Users will only get results for projects to which they have sufficient rights.

Querying the DCCD: examples.

Q. I want to perform a query in English. Will I find projects using the Dutch language?

A. Yes, you will. Please see the DCCD manual. The DCCD repository recognises certain terms in Dutch, English, French and German. If you search for 'farmhouse', you will therefore also find projects containing the Dutch equivalent 'boerderij'.

Q. I have performed a query and want to have a look at the resulting projects. The system asks me to become a member. Do I need to be a member of the DCCD in order to examine projects?

A. Yes, you need to become a member. Please see the DCCD manual. Please fill in the DCCD registration form available at the DCCD main page (https://dendro.dans.knaw.nl) and submit a request. Outside holiday periods DANS can process your request within one or two days.

Q. I want to search for objects dating in a specific period. How do I do this?

A. This is an option under 'advanced search'. Please see the DCCD manual. You can search within specified time intervals BC and/or AD. Please note that users will only get results for projects to which they have sufficient rights (at least up to TRiDaS level 'Measurement Series', where the chronological information is stored). In other words: query results will vary from user to user.

Q. What is the easiest way to enter non-TRiDaS data into the DCCD?

A. There are various methods. See tips for data owners.

Q. I have entered projects in the DCCD, but cannot find them when I am logged out of the system.

A. Please see the DCCD manual. Your projects probably have a 'draft' status. You need to archive them to make them visible outside your personal DCCD workspace.

Q. I have archived projects in the DCCD. But they are not visible on the map. How do I make them visible?

A. The permission level of your projects is set at 'maximum security', so that only part of the project information is accessible. Please see the DCCD manual. Coordinates are stored in the Object level of projects. You need to set the permission level to 'Object' in order to make your projects visible on the map.