About the DCCD

Dendrochronology studies the annually varying ring widths in wood. Tree-ring patterns in wood from the cultural heritage contain unique information about former chronology, social economy, the historical landscape and its uses, climate and wood technology.

The DCCD is a digital repository and interactive library of tree-ring data. Its content is developed through research of, among others: archaeological sites (including old landscapes), ship wrecks, buildings, furniture, paintings, sculptures and musical instruments.

The DCCD is based on the Tree-Ring Data Standard (TRiDaS) and allows for conversion of other widely-used data formats. It contains digital tree-ring measurement series and average chronologies, as well as their descriptive and interpretative metadata. It allows contributors to control and manage access to their data.

More information about the DCCD usage can be found here.

Please cite the following paper when referring to the DCCD: Jansma, E., R.J. van Lanen, P.W. Brewer & R. Kramer, 2012: The DCCD: A digital data infrastructure for tree-ring research. Dendrochronologia 30(3), 249-251. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dendro.2011.12.002.