Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD)
An international digital data library for dendrochronology

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In Europe dendrochronological research of wood from the cultural heritage and sub-fossil tree trunks found in situ has resulted in large amounts of absolutely dated tree-ring series. These series contain unique information about former chronology, social economy, the historical landscape and its uses, climate and wood technology. Many of these data are stored locally in non-standard legacy digital formats. This not only hampers their usability for research, but also severely threatens their durability.

The DCCD-project seeks to improve this situation within the Low Countries and beyond.
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Please cite the following paper when referring to the DCCD: Jansma, E., R.J. van Lanen, P.W. Brewer & R. Kramer, 2012: The DCCD: A digital data infrastructure for tree-ring research. Dendrochronologia 30(3), 249-251.

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